Name | 項目名稱         

Shanghai Zhongcheng Fortune Building|上海中誠財富大廈                           

Area | 項目面積                                


Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

Shanghai Zhongcheng fortune | 上海中誠財富


In recent years, the evaluation of the financial industry has been mixed. Through the in-depth understanding of the industry, designers hope to interpret the business philosophy and social responsibility of owners to financial companies. Zhongcheng group is a well-known real estate financial investment listed company in China. The chairman of the company adheres to the corporate culture of “predestination, supremacy of people’s heart, self-reliance and self-discipline”, and builds a modern financial enterprise with the heart of a Bachelor of Arts.

The overall image of the company hopes to reflect the healthy and stable financial enterprise appearance. The design should follow the premise of this society and find the internal logic in line with this language. Finally, we can find a convincing balance in the interspersed space of the body block. We can find the expression of the space on the point, line and plane by using different materials and the echo of marble, stainless steel and wood veneer Dialogue between modern language and traditional culture enables customers to feel the strength and corporate culture of a financial company through an immersive environment.



The main scene of the front hall makes the meeting room and the front hall more interactive through Chinese scenery borrowing. The round shape symbolizes the fullness and fullness. The marble with fish belly pattern in Italy highlights the perfect combination of Chinese freehand brushwork culture and wealth. Wu Guanzhong’s oil painting with the combination of Chinese and Western painting appropriately reflects this charm.



Customers can find the space of customers’ personality through the design of ceiling, such as a key to open the door, and even to open the door to customers.



The design of the meeting room takes into account the meeting needs of the club and enriches the sense of hierarchy of the space under the premise of meeting the basic meeting. In particular, the processing of ceiling and wall surface is combined with basic elements, and the combination of Chinese classical beauty and modern materials is simple but not simple.



The designer always runs through the elements of Chinese culture in this design, looking for refinement in the modern and traditional, and peeping into the reality in the sensibility. Through this project, we hope to find the logic of expression. We can neither separate the relationship between traditional culture and modern life, nor simply copy cultural symbols.