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Jingqi oral cavity|晶奇口腔                           

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Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

Jingqi oral cavity 晶奇口腔


The snooze clinics, the cold benches, the hard service, these are our memories of the traditional hospitals. However, all this is now quietly changing. Designers are concerned about the change of such social phenomena, with the development of society, people from the material life of the satisfaction derived from the spiritual level of comfort, Jingqi oral project is the designer and owners of the patient’s spiritual needs of care. After analyzing the industry background and the psychological needs of customers, the designer put forward the design concept of “friendly and friendly” and “clear and professional”.




The fitting arc of the entrance to the foyer is not only for the diversion, but also highlights the gesture of friendly welcome. The hollowwalls of the walls make the staff at the front desk anticipate the guests in advance, and also make the thick body blocks become light, but also play the role of borrowing.




The front desk reception clean clear and powerful, the design has always adhered to the pure lying aesthetic, through the combination of materials and space to make the reception area of the psychological space to present an acceptable atmosphere, while the extension of the wall wood finished to the doctor-patient line guide is very clear, the curved lighting of the wall and the overall echo, prompting the main meaning of the reception desk, while creating a warm atmosphere like the clubhouse.




Volume is power. The punched aluminum plate scalls the children’s activity area, separating the passage way from the waiting area, so that each space has its own mass. We want to pass this energy on to doctors and patients so that every psychological space is independent and clear, and there will be no more chaotic visual experiences.




The waiting area is like being surrounded by the palm of the space, warm and private. The design of the seat is inspired by the shape of the teeth, which makes the doctor and patient relatively independent and interconnected.




The children’s activity area creates a playful space for children with a round light film. The fillet design not only takes into account safety, but also eliminates the fear of treatment in children.




Throughout the design designers are deliberately creating a clear visual image. In order for the brand to convey a professional and transparent VI image, like the aisle design, the patient’s treatment space and the doctor’s backfield space are distinguished by different materials. This is not just for aesthetics, but for operations to be more convenient and practical, while the top light band serves as a clear line guide.




The design of the clinic is clean and bright, here mainly reflects the professionalism of the medical industry, clean and easy to clean the wall, shadowless lights bright and soft, so that doctors and patients can focus on treatment.




Health is the most important concern of medical institutions, in the bathroom design most need to reflect clean and hygienic, mirror arc wall treatment and overall elements echo, the height of the basin takes into account the functional needs of adults and children, wall paint using environmentally friendly nanomaterials, the whole space clean and warm, so that patients in the treatment gap has been spiritual relief.