Name | 項目名稱         

Guangdong Riverside Hotel | 廣東沿江酒店                       

Area | 項目面積                                


Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

Guangdong Riverside Hotel | 廣東沿江酒店

With the purity of color to convey delicate texture, create a harmonious, warm space feeling. There is no more eye-catching modeling, but to make all the colors unified, at the same time, the details reveal exquisite life sentiment.

Soft and pure space, dotted with bright and jumping colors, and throughout. In addition, according to different use positions, a variety of different texture materials are used for collocation to enrich the visual level of the space.

Diversified combination space, gray, light yellow, and wood texture of log color create a delicate and elegant space atmosphere, making people’s mood full of beauty and joy.