Name | 項目名稱          

Greenland Jiaxing Sales Office | 綠地嘉興售樓處

Area | 項目面積                                


Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

Greenland Jiaxing Sales Office | 綠地嘉興售樓處

The boundary between the far and the near, to find a balance between the city and nature. Human settlement returns to nature, perceives the urban context in the scenery, and makes the artistic situation linger among them.

It expresses the connection between the spiritual world and the natural environment with artistic tension, and leads people to embrace the new life of leisure and leisure in the beautiful nature with unique rituals. The existence of works of art becomes a way of communication, which shows that designers convey the inner language.

Multi way mining customer’s delicate experience, create a more emotional space atmosphere, wake up the sensory journey touching people’s hearts.

The unknown and interactivity are brought into the plane layout, leaving room for imagination for the presentation of space. The relative interaction between people and still life in the unknown state adds vitality to the space.