Name | 項目名稱         

Qishan advertising office headquarters|淇尚廣告辦公總部  

Area | 項目面積                                


Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China | 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                               

Qishan advertising 淇尚廣告  


One of the concepts in traditional Chinese philosophy is “giving up”

This is considered to be a person’s realm of thought after maturity.

And we advocate the minimalist design concept coincides with. 

“Sherd” is easier said than done.

As we are in the city, material is flying.

If you don’t know how to give up, how to see a more beautiful scenery.



Give up in order to get, get will eventually give up, like the reincarnation of life.

What matters is whether we can appreciate the beauty of the process.

The beauty of space is the energy it brings to us.

virtual and real.

Order and rhythm.

It’s like music.

Transcend design is convinced that the world is turning around with the power of its roots.





Rhythm is the hidden word we see in our design.

The split produces a proportion.

Proportions produce rhythms.

Rhythm makes the work smoother.




Virtual and real space

The reality of space is the power of the sun.

The void of space is the power of the yin. Virtual combination.

Like yin and yang.

Designers take into account the sense of balance that comes with the whole space.

Respect for the virtual space gives people a psychological sense of added ness.





Light is the sculptor of space.

No light space will be meaningless.

Light also has the function of guiding us.

Import the outdoor light into the room.

Let time flow through space.





Designers expect minimal material and color.

Capture the nature of space.

Because of respect and seriousness.

There’s a sense of silence in space.

This allows us to be quiet.

Immerse yourself in space.




the four steps in the composition of an essay

The environment must interact with the people who act.

to be successful.

This is not an illusory word.

It’s a picture that the designer has long created in his heart.




be willing to part with

The philosophy of sheds is used for design.

It is from the ancient laws of geometry to absorb nutrients.

Only geometric perfection can allow space to transcend space time and space.

become a non-time presence.

Remove all the appearances.

Touch the nature of things.

There’s a “she” only “gets”.




Overall design

Designers want to break down the boundaries of architectural design, interior design, and
furniture product design.

And consider everything in space as a complete life.

Let them rely on each other and exist independently of each other.

it’s like growing together.





Poetry is so moving because of its rhymed emotion.

Music is pleasing because of the rhythm of the rhythm.

Designers try to write silent music in space.

We must use our eyes and hearts to experience the unseen melodies.

Quote the opinion of the poet Keats.

“Listen to the melody sweet, the unheard melody is sweet erasing, the united states on the united states”