Name | 項目名稱          

Drip Cafe | Drip咖啡館                       

Area | 項目面積                                


Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

Drip Cafe | Drip咖啡館  


The elements are stripped from the complexity of the post industrial era to create an interesting space with aesthetics.



 “Open” is the first thing we do for the space. We open the facade completely and connect it with the outdoor. We hope that guests can feel the story of indoor happening from the first sight.



With the inspiration of tea, the regional symbol is connected with the contemporary retail in the spatial context, so as to enhance the sense of control and release in the space. 



Cold steel terrazzo with warm furniture, we create a 20% sense of distance, and create a 50% intimacy, fuzzy ambiguous relationship makes the surreal gene of space deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.