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China Railway Beicheng Times Hotel|中鐵北城時代酒店                           

Area | 項目面積                                


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ShangHai,China | 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

China Railway Beicheng | 中鐵北城


Oriental culture in the millennium continues to follow, architectural space, is its place in a certain era of history and culture, humanistic style, regional characteristics of the best reflection, in the long history of the river, there are always traditional elements of civilization in the continuous demise, the traditional classical architectural style of space reproduction on the carrying Chinese thousands of years accumulated cultural expectations. We go to explore to ponder, Shanghai to the beginning of the opening, the big waves of sand, set the essence of Dacheng. In the end left us what, is the culture is architecture or other, in the thinking we created the China Railway North City Times Hotel, perhaps all the problems will be solved after the project.



The lobby space is warm and elegant, with a striking metal reception, full of Oriental classics. Directly above the front desk with a large number of different shapes of chandeliers, baking a magnificent atmosphere, let people see a bright, around the use of oak planks, more highlight the overall spatial texture, highlighting the beauty of the classical atmosphere.



The bar and lounge area combine to give the space a coherent function, and the lobby bar, as one of the important parts of the hotel, carries the soul of the hotel. As a designer, how to present the hotel culture is the most important, design skills, power, and the main creative designer’s practice combined, just rightly reflects the traditional context of the endless background hidden in the space itself, the transmission of regional cultural character.



Both sides of the wood plank made a cutting design, in the plate and the board between the wear and grille, different material placement treatment, in addition to sluggish stereotypes, but increased the space of the spirit, the square background of the two maple leaves is the finishing touch, maple yellow, autumn also arrived, It’s time for a bumper harvest, pointing to the hotel’s commercial value, guests, giving a beautiful meaning, with a large area of gold embellishment, as if the space added a retro charm, brass accessories lit up dark space, low-key but contains luxury, full of refinement.



Hotel is not only a resting place, but also to find and explore the Chinese flavor of the place, with classical elegance fusion of modern elements of the design
concept, marble and wooden screen perfect cooperation, full of interesting colors, the restaurant cleverly use the innovative visual aesthetic concept of Yong meticulous, carefully designed a unique style of stylish dining space, to provide domestic and foreign consumers with luxurious food feast.



Emerging roaring, providing a superior environment, rich projects, well-equipped, designers in this venue boldly designed two sets of programs, through the background color changes, to adjust the atmosphere of the venue, with gorgeous environment, cloth decoration and metal bar, dotted with silver and crystal psychedelic tones, a large area of the center of the shape of different chandeliers shine elegant purple, beautiful and romantic, through the floor-to-ceiling windows also enjoy the bustling scenery of Shanghai at night.


Shikumen is a microcosm of the greater Shanghai society, Shikumen also with the accumulation of light and shade and gradually brewed into a unique old Shanghai culture. It is like a mirror, reflecting the life of Shanghai people and the changes of the years, designers use its architectural characteristics, use in the elevator, guests from afar, through the Shikumen, can feel an ancient and long breath, which belongs to the characteristics of Shanghai, filled with the city’s most essential and simple atmosphere.

We strive to explore a “Chinese regional cultural expression”, all of which let the times to witness, classics are no longer just flat memories, but become a three-dimensional, vivid experience.