Name  項目名稱         

Celestial ecology  |  天域生態                       

Area  項目面積                                


Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China  國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

Celestial ecology  |  天域生態


Find the most fundamental laws and connections of things, know how to choose, and show the power of tolerance and truth.

How to create a white minimalist high-level sense, the introduction of natural light is the best expression. The miniature of the building, space details in the conversion of the sun, moon and stars, create a simple but extraordinary line mood. With the “extension”mentality to think, extremely simple wind is comfortable

The designer of this project uses white building to let the building walk freely in the space after breaking away from the bondage of surface decoration. Moving line, scale, light and atmosphere bring a sense of closeness to people. Excellent vision, intimate function and detail treatment, eliminate the monotony brought by minimalist design. Increase the visual warmth, and redefine the concept of luxury life, shape the villa unique character and emotion.

Introduction of natural light is the best way of expression. In addition to using “box” to open the wonderful design, designers try to use large area glass, which is also a highlight. The sunshine is introduced into the room to realize the perfect integration with the environment and to have an ecological dialogue with the surrounding green


The first floor is a fully transparent and integrated space. The living room and dining room are open and United, effectively expanding the range of activities and zoning levels of public areas. And integrated with the pool scenery, green pine and cypress, do not show its shape, spring stone waterfall see and hear its sound, everything has its own owner, I do collect, extend the entire reception space. Abandoning the  traditional consumption of Carving Dragons and Phoenix, the clear lines to emphasize the nature of materials, modeling without extra ink, means  a new life liberated from the heavy bundle.

The coordination of indoor materials makes the space and space resonate. The point, line and surface are musical instruments.The wind passes through the bamboo forest, and the sounds of nature have sound. Simple lines are used in the whole room. With soft furnishings, delicate details are involved in the space to maximize the penetration and interaction of adjacent fields,which has become the common vocabulary of space. The space rhythm order is the key point. The elaborate space, light and moving line implies the Oriental architectural philosophy, which can experience different levels of feelings.