Name | 項目名稱         

CB space design store |CB Space設計集合店                       

Area | 項目面積                                


Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

CB space design store |CB Space設計集合店 


Jewelry is the innovation of the times and the witness of the story. In order to listen to you, we create a space that can carry the story.



Design is a container, containing the story of the change of times. Space is also a container, which carries and guides the occurrence of the story. It is hoped that the story can have a dialogue with the space, and explain the shape of the story fixed by customers with jewelry.


Designers will consider the product into the consideration of the design, using a simple block, orderly and disorderly large area of shop display,segmentation, collision.



In terms of function, it breaks the limitation of space, combines people’s activity habits, and “moves” a variety of activity scenes into the space. Through the analysis of the relationship between the virtual and the real, and the behavior mode, it combines the space aesthetics with the living habits of different people to form a free and integral space.




In this young and dynamic Shanghai, we hope that CB space design collection store is a little rebellious but delicate, with a sense of conflict and                         contradiction. It is young and stands at the forefront of the trend and has a sense of time precipitation.