Name | 項目名稱         

Baohui enterprise Club | 寶輝企業會所

Area | 項目面積                                


Location | 項目地點                          

ShangHai,China 國上海                 

Client | 項目業主                              

Baohui enterprise Club | 寶輝企業會所

In this design, we have pre constructed an open, community and efficient space. We use the space interpenetration of blocks to change the dynamic line relationship and spatial relationship, so as to make the space blend with each other and relatively independent.

How to grasp the spatial rhythm and highlight its own design attributes has become the subject of our design.

Chinese style is dominant, already yellow is given priority to, add a little red let a person shine in front of the eyes.

The theme of the club itself is very clear. The designer will use warm colors to make the customers feel warm and reluctant to leave.