CBDesign won the 2019 IAI Design Award

IAI Design Award (IAI), is one of the most influential design awards in Asia-Pacific region. It is also currently acknowledged as one of the most important and sought-after design awards internationally.

IAI values those designers/institutes that strive towards the creation of new concepts in design. That’s why CBDesign, with our project for Shanghai ZCCF Funds Offices, got selected as the winner for this year’s IAI Interior Design Award.

The main design concept of this project is to showcase the “stability” and “wholesomeness” of a financial institution. Under such idea, the chief designer Leo Zhu utilized the fluidity of lines and a mixture of different materials to strike a perfect balance between modern and traditional.

Chinese cultural elements could also be seen throughout the entire project, but they are subtly immersed and mixed with the modern design patterns. All of that is, what made the design stand out with its originality.

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